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Not all Heroes Wear Capes, Some Beat to a Different Drum

One of our favorite sessions here at Couch Adventures Photography is our annual “Thank You Heroes” session. Traditionally, we hold this event around September 11th and ask people to nominate public servants whose actions deserve a free photoshoot. We look for people who go above and beyond to give back to the community.

This year we expanded the event to include teachers, school administrators,

and medical personnel. People in these roles have always been heroes, but we can all admit the word hero has taken on a whole new meaning this year. Medical workers are facing daily challenges to get us through the pandemic. In comparison, teachers and school staff have learned new technology and creative thinking to virtually teach America’s youth.

This year’s winner, Robbie Green, is one of the teachers who overcame innumerable obstacles to connect with his students. Robbie is a Percussion Director at Klein Collins High School. Fellow percussion teacher Ralph Hicks nominated Robbie for his sixteen years of service. Hicks said Robbie “is revolutionizing how kids communicate in their music classes through social distancing” using a free website he created to reach students during the Covid-19 quarantine. His website for percussionists allows them to practice their instruments and get free instruction. In addition to the website, Robbie hosts area-wide percussion camps in the Greater Houston area.

Robbie’s dedication to and impact on his students in this time of crisis earned him a free shoot, and he was thrilled to include his family. His wife, Jessica, an Art teacher at Klein Collins, and their sons, Julian and Daniel, one of Robbie’s percussion students, joined us for the session. Along with a family photo, we decided to shoot groupings of the family and individual family members. It was fun to give this hard-working family time to be together and unwind! After viewing the photos, Robbie called and said, “I love them!!!! I cried when I saw the family picture.”

A review like that means the world to us! Hearing that we could use our talents to give joy to someone who gives so much to his students is why we hold our “Thank You Heroes” event. It was our honor to work with Robbie Green and his family and provide them with the highest quality photos and excellent customer service that we are known for. Everybody can see Robbie’s passion for percussion and teaching in all that he does to connect, inspire, motivate, and educate the next generation of drummers.”

Thank you to Robbie and all those who work hard to give back to the community. Keep an eye on our website for your chance to nominate one of your local heroes for next year’s “Thank You Heroes” event.

You can visit Robbie's Website at

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