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Educating in a changing World | The Woodlands Family Photographer

When you think of superheroes, do you think of capes and kryptonite?

Do you think of evil villains and dystopian cities?

When I was a kid, my favorite superhero was Superman! He could leap buildings in a single bound and be faster than a speeding bullet. He was amazing and kept his true identity a secret.

Kind of like today's superheroes. As us mere mortals go through our everyday lives, we don't realize that we are grocery shopping and running errands next to some of the most amazing people who are keeping us safe, educating our future, or are selflessly giving back to make everyone's lives better.

One of those amazing heroes is Christine Wappelhorst. Christine is a Junior High special education teacher with Klein Independent School District where she works with some of the most amazing kids who have a thirst to learn but have abilities that require a more hands-on approach. Christina teaches middle school developmental special education. She works with students to develop their social interaction capabilities, academic potential, and life skills. Spending hours outside of the classroom, Christina watches videos to develop her craft and tools designed specifically for her students. It is extremely important to her that students see themselves represented in the tools that she uses in the classroom. When school let out for spring break last year, she had no idea that she would not be able to return to her classroom. Once online learning began, Christina spent lots of time outside out her zoom meetings learning how to best teach her special education students in an online environment. Over the summer, she continued reading and watching videos and spent hours putting together books focused on kids and families with cognitive and physical disabilities. Now that school is starting up again, she is preparing her classroom for students while she will also simultaneously be teaching students through zoom. This year will be a challenge for all educators. Working with developmental students will add another layer to the puzzle as teachers work with them individually to find the safest way for them to learn in the classroom.

Christine was nominated by her sister, Lauren, to be a part of the Thank You Hero Sessions because she is so proud of everything she does for her students. Christina does not like to be in the spotlight but goes above and beyond for her students and her son, who is in elementary school.

Every year, Couch Adventures Photography celebrates the heroes in our community around September 11. The Thank You Hero session started as a way to give back to first responders, EMTs, Law Enforcement, Active Military, and Veterans who serve out local community and this great nation. This year, due to COVID-19, we expanded our definition of "hero" to include medical personnel, teachers, and education administration. Each session includes a complimentary session and images from the session with discounts on gift prints, wall art, and digital files.

Couch Adventures Photography specializes in Seniors, Headshots & Branding, Families, and Events. Our studio is conveniently located in The Woodlands and services the great Houston area with in-studio and on-location sessions!




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