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Milestone Celebrations | Ferrer Family | Family Photography

Few things make us happier at Couch Adventures Photography than getting to work with former clients. We love knowing that our services and products made people comfortable enough to come back for more current photos. Too often, we get focused on work, kids, the future, and everything in between, and we forget to pause and soak in the here-and-now. As we all know, life moves quickly, and sometimes we're out of phases of our lives before we've fully realized we were in them. We at Couch Adventures Photography want to help you preserve memories throughout your life journeys.

We were recently lucky enough to work with the Ferrer family again and deliver beautiful pictures to reflect their new stage in life. With their anniversary, 50th birthdays, and their daughter home from college, they had a lot to celebrate! We enjoyed seeing how much their children have grown! Their son is now a freshman in high school, and while his idea of a great time may no longer be a family photoshoot, he graciously helped them celebrate with a two-hour photo session at the Woodlands Waterway. The touch of nature inside the urban area seemed a fitting reminder to pause and enjoy beautiful moments amidst life's chaos.

We were able to get all family members to shake off their nerves by giving prompts for each pose. At one point, we even asked Mr. Ferrer to whisper something naughty into his wife's ear! His reply of just hissing to her resulted in gorgeous shots of candid laughter.

During our viewing session, the family was so pleased that they purchased an album of the photos and a wall collage. They will soon get to display updated pictures in their home! We are grateful for another opportunity to work with the Ferrers and hope to do so again soon.

If you would like to honor your current life stage with new photos, please don't hesitate to book a session and let Couch Adventures Photography shower you with excellent services and treasured memories.

Couch Adventures Photography specializes in Seniors, Headshots & Branding, Families, and Events. Our studio is conveniently located in The Woodlands and services the great Houston area with in-studio and on-location sessions!



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