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The Ladies of DeFord Law Firm | Branding Photographer | The Woodlands | Texas

Teresa and her team at DeFord Law Firm are different. They have an amazing team of ladies fighting for your rights in court and helping you navigate the legal system. But they also have a heart!

It had been several years since they updated their website and have never had formal headshots of all the staff. They also have a strong social media presence and want to use their images to promote their people online.

The day was all about them and started with professional hair and make up for each member of the team followed by their own 30 minute personal branding session in the studio. The day of laughter and fun ended with the full team shot on two different backdrops and several different poses!

Since it was a full day, lunch and snacks were included.

The Deford Law Firm has been serving The Woodlands for 8 years. They specialize in family law, estate planning, and probate. You can contact them at the links below.

Facebook: @defordlawfirm

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