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Fixing your computer with Myriad Tek | The Woodlands | Headshot Photographer

Matt Gallivan owns Myriad Tek in The Woodlands, Texas and specializes in computer repair and service. He is a trustworthy business-minded entrepreneur and is looking to grow his business. He had recently joined a local BNI Chapter and wanted to update his headshot for networking, social media, and to make a great first impression when he was searched online.

Matt was able to schedule his VIP Headshot Experience online and pick a time during the week that fit his schedule. During his session, we spent 30 minutes in the studio creating different looks and then uploaded all the images to the large screen television in the reveal room. He then selected the images he loved from the gallery and received his fully edited, high-resolution digital image with 48 hours.

If you would like more information about Matt and Myriad Tek Facebook: Myriad Tek Website:

Are you ready to book your VIP Headshot Session?

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