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Coaching the Business Leader | Branding Photographer | Houston | The Woodlands | Texas

The business world is constantly evolving. In the blink of an eye, priorities and expectations can change. Leaders must possess the skills and confidence to think and act fast, while driving excellence on their teams.

Julie Jackson Schmidt was referred to Couch Adventures Photography by a mutual business partner. She was updating her coaching website and wanted to personalize her site with professional images that match her brand.

Her branding experience started with a phone consultation to learn more about her business and her personality. We discussed the goals of the session, location, clothing choices, and hair and makeup to create the look she wanted.

Her session day started with professional hair and makeup with one of our approved make-up artist. We then met in the late afternoon in The Woodlands Waterway Square. The square is an ideal location for corporate and urban branding sessions because of the tall Anadarko Towers and city feel. It has many different looks in one easy location without a lot of travel from The Woodlands.

We spent 90 minutes capturing multiple looks for her to use on her website and social media. She kept clothing simple and professional and only changed her jacket.

Her reveal session took place a week after the session. We met at Couch Adventures Photography's home studio and viewed all her images on a large screen television. We spent time talking about how different images could be used in different areas of your digital footprint. She selected a package of images and they were delivered to her via email.

At Jackson Schmidt Consulting, we believe that anyone with the right combination of skills, passion and experience can be a great leader — if they’re willing to put in the work. We are committed to helping professionals at all stages of their career reach their true leadership potential. We work with corporations and individuals to evaluate leadership potential and design development plans that accelerate their growth.

You can contact Julie at:

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